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June 2024

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June, 2024
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Estate Manager Article, June 2024

It’s June! Even if the weatherman does not seem to have received the memo, it is officially winter, and we are halfway through 2024. It also marks my first year as Estate Manager at Fourways Gardens Estate. As the saying goes, time really does fly when you’re having fun, and having a great team to work with is indeed a cause for celebration! It’s not just about the tasks we accomplish but also the joy of being part of this Fourways Gardens community.

The philosophy of “It takes a village” is ever present in the HOA office. Every staff member committed to this community – affectionately known as the ‘bubble’ in FWG circles – ensures it functions and thrives. It’s a powerful reminder that individual success is not isolated but a fusion of collective effort and support. By enhancing the lives of those around us, we uplift ourselves, creating a ripple effect of positive change and growth. We see this daily as neighbours support businesses and ventures advertised on the FWG neighbourhood page, in the estate classifieds or at the Junior Entrepreneur Market – May saw us hold our Junior Entrepreneurs Market Day. With nearly 30 stalls, the ingenuity of our younger residents and the variety of stalls were impressive.

Fourways Gardens has pioneered community living since 1984, and generations of families have called it home. That’s right! Your maths hasn’t let you down. This year, we celebrate Fourways Gardens Estate’s 40th year of existence. To mark this milestone, we have a day full of activities to unite the community and make the most of June’s temperate days.

June is a month honouring our youth’s vibrant spirit and invaluable contributions. In Fourways Gardens, the importance of a healthy environment for children is evidenced by the many residents who, having spent their childhood here, opt to establish their own homes and raise their families in this nurturing environment. The freedom for children to be children and enjoy the facilities, walk to friends’ houses, or pop down to the restaurant for a milkshake reflects the community’s enduring appeal and the strong legacy of its younger generation.

Mother’s Day was celebrated at The Gardens Bistro in May and was – by all accounts – a roaring success and immensely enjoyed. Father’s Day is coming up soon, and we are excited to see what The Gardens Bistro offers on Sunday, 16 June. The HOA also negotiated a fantastic rate for our pet chipping drive, which was held on the last Saturday of May, and we now also have a ‘look-up’ functionality for pet chips so that we can get lost or wandering pets home quicker using the tags and updated owner details. The HOA will also be monitoring dogs out of yards and roaming streets or common properties and addressing this with the importance it requires so that our pets do not come to avoidable harm.

Within our gates and following months of planning, our river desilting project will kick off and be quite a sight! This has been a high priority for the Board of Directors, and after obtaining all the necessary permissions and authorisations, the work can finally start. Our ethos is to do it right the first time, so this is a multi-year phased project.

Security is a priority for the HOA, and we have implemented criminal background checks and document verification processes for the biometric enrolment of staff who will require ongoing and regular access to the estate. The estate perimeter is kept well secured, but residents must be informed of who they are inviting into the privacy of their homes and entrusting their families to. 

Aesthetic improvements to the K56 Trailer Park have made it more representative of the calibre of our estate. Providing suitable facilities and shelter for the devoted officers working in the K56 areas has boosted morale. The HOA team and our Board of Directors are committed to elevating our estate and its market appeal. The new website ( reflects our estate’s aspirations and emotional appeal and is a powerful tool in our marketing arsenal.

We thank our residents for their engagement and care for Fourways Gardens – truly, this estate is greater than the sum of its parts because of our community! Sincerely, Charlene Marlin